• Rhonda Craven

Who You Are & What You Are Not

You are not your abuse. You are not what they did to you. You are not your trauma.

You are the cleverness that survived. You are the courage that escaped. You are the power that hid and protected a tiny, flickering spark of light.

Yoga will fan that spark into a bonfire of love, beauty, and bliss. The heat and intensity of your eternal internal flame will burn brightly, serving to purify your body, mind, and spirit.

With each inhale, the awareness of the fire at your heart center grows.

With each exhale, you allow anything that no longer serves you to face this fire, to melt away.

With each breath, with every heartbeat, you feel yourself rebuilding yourself with patience and kindness.

You begin to recognize your strength and flexibility, both physically and emotionally.

Like pulling open the curtains on a sunny day, you reveal your truth.

Light breaks into the darkness.... and you realize this radiance has been inside of you all along.

You take a breath, smile softly, and step into the present moment.