• Rhonda Craven

The Monster

by S.W - an 18 year old in detention

It’s a game again.

Going away again.

All because I picked up the monster again.

All because I gave up, again.

All because I gave in.

I let love take control.

I let the ice fill my lungs.

I let the monster fill my veins.

I let it all go to keep myself sane.

Thought giving my all would make them stay.

All I wanted was to feel warm from the monster.

And love from the leader.

All I felt was chills from the monster.

Sickness from the monster.

Sweat from the monster.

Pain and defeat from the monster.

I felt love and fear from the leader.

I felt bruises and pain.

I felt control and again,


The monster destroyed my life again.

But the leader destroyed the girl I once was,

The feelings I once had.

The love I once had.