• Rhonda Craven

Lessons of Courage and Fear

by B - 16 year old female

In my life I’ve known Courage.

We met when I was 16.

Nowadays Courage is being able to say what I’m going through.

I find Courage when I need to stand up for myself.

In my life I’ve known Fear.

We met when I was 10.

These days Fear is when I had to put my clothes back on.

Fear finds me when I was alone –

I was home alone.

I’ve learned that Courage and Fear are different –

When courage tells me to be brave and not surrender.

Fear says “Man, they just caught another sexual offender.”

Usually I listen to Fear.

But Fear always finds its way in my brain.

I wish that Fear didn’t sweet talk me or intimidate me.

I wish Courage would yell for help and help me out.