• Rhonda Craven


by S.T. - a 17 year old male in detention

I come from crack deals,

To living in abandoned houses,

To living on people’s couches,

Selling pouches,

To get food and water.

Messing around with people’s daughters.

Smoking the Ganja everyday,

To forget your feelings.

Getting into battles about people on your block doing Dealings.

Everyone stealing to get a buck,

People in the struggle stuck,

People on the block not giving a F***.

People gettin locked for life.

People using a pen as a knife.

I’m from the struggling streets.

I’m from sleeping on a blanket and one sheet.

Hearing a cold cell block door slam.

People never getting out of the jam,

People in life without a plan.

I’m from the trap,

That’s not on the map.