• Rhonda Craven

I Am The Hero

by Elisah - 16 year old male in detention

I am the hero,

The one who saves me,

The one that controls my life.

I am the Hero,

The one who may save you,

If only you open your eyes.

I am the Hero,

The one who sticks out from all the rest.

The one who is determined to be the best.

I am the Hero,

The one who leaves a trail of wisdom wherever he goes.

The one with no power,

Just strengths,

And lets it all show.

But, yet, I’m just me, a normal kid,

Who wants what’s best for him and his.

But, I am a Hero

Who will teach the people,

That although we are different we are all still equal.

Now I will let you go with that being said,

But just know one day, light shall be shed,

And everyone will remember just what I said,


(I come from a life of struggle, a troubled past. But I am now overcoming my bad decision making and seeing over my mistakes. Taking every step in the right path to become the man that my children will want to grow up to be.)