• Rhonda Craven

Diamond in the Ruff

We are proud to announce that the author of this poem was the winner of the 2016 JDCAP Poetry Contest. Congratulations!!!

by DH - 16 year old male in detention

I am a diamond in the ruff.

If you could only see,

My future possibilities.

The way I can really use my brain,

Sometimes it can drive me insane.

I have lots of great talents.

Watch me ball and see my balance.

You’ll see that I’m very advanced,

If you watch me use my hands.

When I’m Mad,

I refer to sports.

It helps pull anger from my core.

Sometimes I try to sleep it off.

Sometimes I sit down and draw.

Clean off the diamond,

Watch it shine.

I will grind up to my prime.

I will fix up my mistakes,

Watch and see.

You just wait,

I will grow and go to college,

And get success out of my knowledge.

I’m not sure what I want to be,

But give me time and you will see,

That I’m a diamond in the ruff,

I just need to get out of these cuffs.