• Rhonda Craven

CCYC Girls Help PULL Campaign By Making Posters

Here are some quotes from the workshop:

“Something I learned about this workshop is that reading is important, learning is important, and your education is important! Always remember never give up on your dreams, look at the bigger picture! And never stop striving for the top. Keep Reading!” –Girl, age 15

“I think the program is important because kids are our future.” –Girl, age 15

“I like this program!” -Girl, age 17

“Este programa les puede y nos puede ayudar a muchas cosas porque leer es muy importante para todos recuerda que el leer nos ayudara para el future a mi, a ti, y a todos. Leer es importante!!” –Girl, age 15

“We really enjoyed doing the posters and this workshop and would really like it if we did more activities [like these].” Girls, ages 15 & 16