• Rhonda Craven

An AHHAH Moment from our Founder

by Jan Michener, founder and Executive Director of AHHAH:

"Amazing class with the girls at the shelter today. We had 5 girls, Kelly Kuder led a dance class. This morning I got an email that one of the girls was not going to be going to the theatre tonight with us because of disciplinary problem and being disrespectful during regular classes they have in the morning. I was later told she said she wanted to just die.

When we got there she was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed looking miserable. Kelly put on the music and we did a fun name/ gesture game that turned into our first dance piece. This young woman got up and at first begrudgingly started to participate. By the end of the hour she was laughing and dancing as we all did Michael Jackson's Thriller dance across the floor. Because of her turnaround in dance class she is now joining us tonight to go see Billy Elliot at Media Theatre. Dance and music brought her back to life! This is why I have AHHAH."