• Rhonda Craven

A Letter to My Unborn Child

by E.W. - a 16 year old male in detention

Although I never got to meet you,

You had already stolen my heart,

From the day I found out about you,

I never wanted us to be apart.

I looked forward to seeing your little smile and watching you grow.

Oh how your mother would have loved that too.

Whether you’re here or with God, you’re still my child.

When I glance at the sky I see your smile,

When I lay down at night I can feel your presence.

Even though I know you’re flying high in heaven,

I know this is not goodbye for one day we’ll meet,

Then we can fly together.

That will be oh so great.

You may not walk on this earth,

But you walk in my heart.

I never wanted this to happen, it killed my mind,

But it’s slowly reviving cause I know you’re fine.

Me and your mother miss you.

We think about you every day.

But, honestly I just wanted to say how much I love you and how much I miss you,

And if I close my eyes I can feel your kisses.

Now we shall wait till the day we meet,

You can show me how to fly after we greet.

I love you, Fly high.

Your father.