• Rhonda Craven


by 18 year old girl in CCYC

When I say the word Love what do you think of?

One and only’s

Stupid and wasteful

Scared and Hateful

Love to me is a growing vine of longing beauty,



And a world of Butterflies,

And crying eyes.

Love is a place of Hello’s that never end in Goodbyes.

Love is a stretching out hand,

That will pull you out of the Hole you fell upon,

When you were sure all your Love was gone.

Love is what you want the most,

But you’re too afraid of what you’ll find,

And the loss of all that sweet precious time.

Love is eternity in one breath.

It’s knowing Love isn’t leaving

Even in death.

It’s the warmth of a hug,

It’s the smile of a child,

That twinkle in widower’s eyes,

Saying I will never leave you.

I will never die.

Love is Hello’s that never end in goodbyes.